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These classes are my standard two-day or longer format. To learn more about the longer format, please click on the email icon to request a full proposal including detailed class descriptions, supply lists, and fees.

Alphabet Book

Intermediate to Advanced

This workshop is for the more experienced calligrapher. We will learn what it to takes to create an alphabet, using both traditional and unusual tools. Students can decide to do either a cohesive alphabet or an alphabet with a different style for each letter.

The letters will then be assembled into a simple accordion-fold book.

Alphabets Inspired by Nature

All levels


This class uses natural objects such as botanical clippings, tree pods, flower stalks, etc. as inspiration for creating an alphabet.


Letterforms can be illustrated, or students may use the found object as an influence on the line and shape of the letters.

Basic Italic



A hand that every calligrapher should have in their repertoire. We will begin by learning basic strokes and how they apply to the Italic form, then putting those strokes together in a sequence that creates the letters.

Crazy Calligraphy



This class introduces students to the fun and fascinating world of calligraphy. Participants will have the opportunity to try crazy tools like broom bristles, pop cans, seashells and combs, as well as more traditional pens. This is a great class to get people inspired to continue in 'the art of beautiful writing.'

Creative Correspondence

All levels

This class is for all those who like to send pretty snail mail to friends and family. 


No previous lettering experience is required. Students will get to experiment with a few writing tools and will be led through some exercises learning creative ways to write on envelopes and cards.


Great workshop to host before any card-sending holiday!

Expressive Cursive Handwriting

All levels


In today’s world emails and texts are the norm, schools are doing away with teaching cursive, and the handwritten note or snail-mailed card is fast becoming extinct.


If you are one of those people who loves the personal touch of a beautifully written note on fine paper, sealed in an equally fine envelope, then this class is for you.

The Inside Curve

Intermediate to Advanced


This playful hand was created several years ago and is composed of letters that are drawn, not lettered with a specific tool. These built-up letters lend themselves to a variety of applications.


Together we will learn the basic forms, then branch out into variations. We will work with pencil, colored pencil, various inks, watercolors and metallics on an assortment of papers.

Lively Letters (Zoom version: Fun & Funky Letters)

Intermediate to Advanced

The goal of this class is to get intermediate and advanced calligraphers to free up their lettering, and to tap into their playful side. From monoline to brush, traditional to funky, we will explore new ways to bring life to your lettering.

Zoom version is for all levels.

Make Your Mark

All levels


Students will get to explore the world of abstract mark-making, using both traditional and unusual writing implements, as well as objects like shells, rocks, twigs, corks, etc. We will use all sorts of inks, watercolors, and other media on several different types of papers. If desired, students may add text to make small (or large!) compositions. We will also create sample books of all the techniques used in class.

Modern Playful Handwriting

All levels


This is a great class for those who would like to learn how to do some of the fun, modern scripts that abound today.


Students will use a pointed pen to learn the basic strokes and lowercase alphabet of the Copperplate hand. If time allows, we will learn the capitals. For longer classes, students will transition into the pointed brush.

Monoline Magic

All levels

In this workshop, students will explore the possibilities of the monoline letterform by using different monoline tools to do gestural writing and to make funky letters. 


Along the way, we will look at the beauty of negative space and learn some simple ways to emphasize that space through color and value.

Passionate Pointed Brush

Intermediate to Advanced

The pointed brush is one of the most versatile tools in a calligrapher’s toolbox. From elegant flourishes to bold, chunky strokes, the pointed brush gives the scribe a myriad of options.


Students will be led through a series of basic stroke exercises, analyzing how the brush works when both pressure and release are applied. We will also explore entrance and exit strokes in both traditional and more gestural brush lettering.

Layout & Design for Calligraphers

Intermediate to Advanced

This workshop is for those who have taken a few lettering classes and want to learn how to create a finished piece.


We will use the principles of graphic design to focus on layout, composition, negative space, and where and when to use color. We will also talk about the possibility of adding illustration or graphics.

Variations on 'Akim'

All levels

Akim letters were created by German calligrapher, sculptor and musician, Hans-Joachim Burgert. This lovely, gentle hand that is said to replicate the rhythm of the human heart. 

We will explore Burgert's version, learning the letterforms and stretches, and then move into how to be a bit more expressive with the rhythmic nature of the hand. Depending on the length of the class, a finished piece can be an option. 

Writing with Resist

All levels

This is a class that will focus on gestural writing and ways to free up your traditional letterforms, while exploring several resist techniques that will enhance your writing.


Those techniques include liquid gesso, acrylics, Frisket, masking fluid, and more. We will also work with sumi and walnut ink washes, watercolors, and acrylics.

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